Everything You Need For A Backyard Vacation

Spring has finally sprung, and the weather is now above freezing. After such a long, insufferable winter, we are anticipating a long season of sunny fun. With the help of our experienced landscape design artists, your backyard can turn into … Continued

Safety first when it comes to planning a landscape construction job

According to OSHA, many of the accidents that happen on the job are a direct result of poor planning. This is an important aspect of landscape design, as there are many instances where injury can occur. For this reason it … Continued

Fall is great time of year to Plant Vegetables, Perennials, Trees and Shrubs

¬†Fall is an exciting time of year, as it signals significant change in our lives. From the leaves turning color to the preparation for Halloween, there are many things to enjoy about this season. While this may seem like a … Continued

Thing to Remember When Designing Your Landscape

Your home far exceeds your physical house. The property you hold outside showcases you as a person, just as much as what is held in the walls of your home; and just like decorating your home, decorating and designing your … Continued

Updating Your Outdoor Living Space

After sitting inside all winter, no one wants to spend the warm days of summer sitting in their houses. You want to refresh your days with something new, and we are here to refresh your outdoors so that you can … Continued

Landscape Construction, Patios, Retaining Walls, Outdoor Kitchen, and Water Features

As the winter becomes nothing more than a memory, you can greet Spring and Summer with energy and excitement. There is no more cabin fever to worry about, and now is the time for you to take your parties and … Continued

Drainage Solution for the Home

  Though Spring is coming upon us, winter still has a passing gift to give to us all. That gift is the gathering of water. When the snow melts and the rain comes, your yard is going to be welcoming … Continued

Seeding and Aerating your Lawn

Your lawn is good to you. It gives you a soft place to lay and look at the stars. It gives a safe place for your children to play. It spotlights your home with grace and elegance. Though it does … Continued

Spring Cleanup and Mulching in Northern NJ

  This was one of the harshest winters we have had in a long time. The invasion of snow and cold weather has done a number on your gardens and surrounding landscape, and now is the time to take back … Continued

Deer Proofing a Garden

  Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden is a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, all of that hard work will go to waste if the plants become a snack for a hungry deer. Finishing Touch Landscape Construction can prevent this … Continued